Not all traffic tickets require the defence of a lawyer, however there are charges that fall under the Traffic Safety Act that can result in serious consequences and can have a negative impact on your driving record. Significant minimum penalties include hefty fines, substantial demerit points and even the suspension of your licence. All of these will ultimately affect your insurance premiums and potential employment opportunities. Speaking to a lawyer may help minimize the consequences and take care of your traffic ticket promptly without you ever having to enter the courtroom.

The Penalties

Penalties, including fines and demerits will vary and are dependent on the type of violation.



  • 2 demerits – 1-15 kilometers over
  • 3 demerits – 16-30 kilometers over
  • 4 demerits – 31-50 kilometers over
  • 6 demerits – 50+ kilometers over

Other Ticket Offences:

  • 7 points
    Hit and run
  • 6 points
    Careless driving
    Fail to stop for school bus
    Racing, bet or wager
    Explosives at uncontrolled railway crossing
  • 5 points
    Fail to stop for police
  • 4 points
    Failure to yield to pedestrian
    Follow too closely
    Failing to stop for school bus
  • 3 points
    Distracted Driving
    Driving on the wrong side of the road
    Failing to yield or stop
    Proceeding when unsafe
  • 2 points
    Fail to obey traffic control device
    Improper turns or backing

Common Questions

Does Mike deal with Traffic Tickets?

Yes. Mike spent over 15 years prosecuting tickets in traffic court. Over that time he dealt with thousands of Central Albertans charged with traffic offences. Talk to Mike and have him assess your ticket.

How can Mike help with my ticket?

Many tickets carry demerit points with them. Often Mike can get those points reduced. On more serious offences, large fines or driving suspensions can result. Speak with Mike to determine if he can reduce your fine or suspension.