Robbery can be classified as a street robbery or “mugging”, bank robbery, armed robbery or aggravated robbery, and is considered a very serious crime with devastating affects that could last a lifetime. Robbery is outlined as when the accused; (1) steals, and for the purpose of extorting whatever is stolen or to prevent or overcome resistance to the stealing, uses violence or threats of violence to a person or property; (2) steals from any person and, at the time he steals or immediately before or immediately thereafter, wounds, beats, strikes or uses any personal violence to that person; (3) assaults any person with intent to steal from him; or (4) steals from any person while armed with an offensive weapon or imitation thereof. There are many factors the Court takes into consideration when determining sentencing for a robbery offence.

The most common charges under a robbery offence:

  • Robbery – Criminal Code section 343, 344
  • Robbery while armed with an offensive – Criminal Code section 343(d)
  • Extortion – Criminal Code section 346

The Penalties

  • Criminal record
  • Up to life imprisonment
  • Probation
  • Fine of up to $5000

Common Questions

I have been charged with Robbery. What should I do?

Robbery is a serious charge with the potential for serious jail time. Mike will be able to review your case and give you an honest opinion about your legal options.

What is the difference between theft and robbery?

Theft is when the accused takes something that didn't belong to them. A robbery is when the accused takes something from a victim while using force, or the threat of force or weapon, to do it.