Dangerous driving offences are often intricate and involve several factors that the courts take into account when defining what constitutes an actual charge. In order to be convicted, the Crown must demonstrate that you were driving in a manner that was dangerous to the public, with regard to the circumstances. When facing potential jail time, seeking the expertise of a local lawyer who is familiar with the local area, laws, regulations, and prosecution will enable you to devise a suitable defence strategy for your case and ideally minimize the impact of a dangerous driving charge.

The most common charges under a dangerous driving offence are:

  • Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle – Criminal Code section (249(1)(a))
  • Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm – Criminal Code section (249(3))
  • Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death – Criminal Code section (249(4))

The Penalties

  • Criminal record
  • Automatic licence suspension for one year
  • Up to 10 years jail time
  • $5000 fine
  • Probation
  • Significantly higher insurance rates
  • Drivers with previous convictions for dangerous driving or impaired driving may face a longer licence suspension

Common Questions

My driving wasn’t that bad, was it really Dangerous Driving?

Dangerous Driving can be a ‘judgement call’ kind of charge. Having Mike review your case can open many options for resolving your file.

Will I lose my licence?

A conviction for Dangerous Driving will lead to a suspension, possibly more than one year in length.