Youth Matters

What are youth charges?

Any time a person is charged after their 12th birthday and before their 18th birthday, the matters are dealt with in Youth Court. Young persons are treated differently than adults, and usually less severely. Mike has been representing Alberta Youths for over 20 years.

My son or daughter has been charged. What should I do?

Speak with a lawyer! During your free initial consultation, Mike will review the charge and advise you of the options available to your child.

But youth charges aren’t serious are they?

Although treated less seriously than an adult charge, having a youth record can cause issues for employment and travel.

Won’t these charges go away when my child turns 18?

No, this seems to be an ‘urban myth’. A youth record can get sealed (no longer used against a person) after a certain length of time has passed after a conviction. Different charges are dealt with differently, so make sure to inquire with Mike to get the details.