It was an accident!

Under the Criminal Code, it is required that the accused acted 'willfully'. Accidental acts won't meet the standard of willfully damaging property sufficient enough to cause criminal damage.

What is the difference between mischief under $5000 and mischief over $5000?

To be charged with mischief over $5000, the value of the damaged item must exceed $5000.

Break and Enter

What will happen if I plead guilty?

The penalty for a break and enter depends on the place in which the offence occurred. If the break and enter occurred in: (1) A home; Maximum of life imprisonment. (2) A building or commercial structure; up to 10 years imprisonment. It is strongly suggested you speak with a lawyer to determine the best possible outcome for your case.


I have been charged with Robbery. What should I do?

Robbery is a serious charge with the potential for serious jail time. Mike will be able to review your case and give you an honest opinion about your legal options.

What is the difference between theft and robbery?

Theft is when the accused takes something that didn't belong to them. A robbery is when the accused takes something from a victim while using force, or the threat of force or weapon, to do it.  


I have been charged with theft. Is this serious?

Any conviction will result in you having a Criminal Record which can affect future employment and travel opportunities. Theft charges can also lead to jail sentences. It is important to speak to Mike and let him know all the facts of your case.

I am charged with possession of stolen property but I didn’t know it was stolen. What can I do?

To be convicted of possession of stolen property, the Prosecutor must show that you knew (or should have known) the property was stolen, and that you had control of what happened to the property. Speaking with Mike will help determine if you have a defence.

Theft From Employer

They have charged me with stealing from my company. What should I do?

Alberta’s Court of Appeal has said that a theft from an employer is a ‘breach of trust’ and should result in a jail sentence. However, these cases are often difficult for the Police and Prosecutors to prove. It is imperative to know your options before you proceed.


Can’t I just pay the money back?

Fraud is often difficult to prove in court and requires a considerable amount of time and effort of the police and prosecutor. In some cases, an offer to pay back the money or value of the property (referred to as "restitution") which may result in charges being withdrawn or the sentence be reduced.  It is best to speak to Mike regarding your options.