Driving Over 0.08

Can I beat these charges?

There are many possible defenses to this type of charge, however every case is different. Once an experienced lawyer like Mike has gone through the details and understands your case, he can give you an honest opinion of your chances.

How long will I be suspended from driving?

If you are convicted or plead guilty, on your first offence you will received a minimum of a one year suspension from the day you go to court.

Are there other consequences to think about?

On top of the driving suspension, you will face a minimum of a $1000 fine plus a surcharge for your first offence. Further, you will have to reapply to get your licence and follow several conditions including taking courses and possibly having an Ignition Interlock (blow-box) installed in your vehicle. Once you have your licence back, you will then face several years of drastically increased insurance premiums.

Can I get my licence back sooner?

Yes, there are some possibilities. In Alberta, there is a possibility of getting the Ignition Interlock (blow-box) installed in your vehicle even after being sentenced in court to a an operating prohibition. Mike will explain your options based on your situation.

What if I have a prior conviction?

The Criminal Code of Canada sets a mandatory minimum 30 day jail sentence for a second offence, and a minimum 120 day sentence for a third or greater. It is extremely important to talk to get in touch with a lawyer as versed as Mike before you go to court!

Dangerous Driving

My driving wasn’t that bad, was it really Dangerous Driving?

Dangerous Driving can be a ‘judgement call’ kind of charge. Having Mike review your case can open many options for resolving your file.

Will I lose my licence?

A conviction for Dangerous Driving will lead to a suspension, possibly more than one year in length.

Driving While Suspended or Disqualified

What will my consequences be if I plead guilty?

Most convictions for Driving Disqualified will result in a jail sentence and a further suspension of your driving privileges. Mike will review your case and help you understand what your options are.